The eye itch Causes, Eye burning – itching and discharge, Why does the eye itch?,

The eye itch Causes, Eye burning – itching and discharge, Why does the eye itch?,

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Why does the eye itch?

The eye can itch due to many different reason. Most are because something is in the eye that shouldn’t be. You may have gotten dust or other forgien matter into your eye, flushing your eye with cool water is the quickest way to see if this is the case, if you do get relief then more than likely, that was the cause. If the itching continues, or becomes painful and, you think you have something in your eye, you need to see your Dr. You shouldn’t scratch your eye if you think you have something in it, you can do serious damage to your eye.

Another thing that can make your eye itch terribly and even in extreme cases needs surgery is eye lashes growing the wrong way. An eye lash can grow inverted, turning itself into the eye from the hair folical. This can be painful and cause the eye to water, itch, and swell.

You can get a sty that can cause your eye to itch, swell usually near the edge of the lid and become red, or dark red, especially if the sty becomes infected. If that happens, you need to see your Dr., they can determine if you need medication for your eye and if you have a fever, anything you need or should do for that.

There is of course the ever popular, allergies. This can cover almost anything from, pet dander to plant pollen. The best way you can tell if an allergy is the cause, have your Dr. test you, and find out what you allergies are. Then, no more guessing. But if you aren’t going to do that, trail and error. Test it out yourself, and see if something makes your eyes itch. But, be prepared to wash your hands with soap and water first, then rinse your eyes with cool water. Make sure you flush them well, and pat them dry with a clean towel, if you discover your allergry.

You could also have Pink Eye. But I think the other symptoms of that will show themselves early enough that it will not remain a mystrey for long. If you think back also, you will probably remember having been exposed to Pink Eye, usually a young child is the one already suffering. You have been unfortunate to have come into contact during to wrong period. You will need to give your Dr. a call and see how they want you to deal with this one.

Then there are all the things that can be happening, or changing in your eyes. If your are experiencing anything unusual with you sight and the itching conitnues or worsens, you need to see your Dr. They will test for all the things that could or might possibly cause the changes you have had. You should have your eyes checked every two years if you wear glasses anyway, and you should have the test for glaucoma and the pressure test preformed as well.

Eye burning – itching and discharge

Eye burning with discharge is burning, itching, or drainage from the eye of any substance other than tears.

Sometimes burning and itching eyes are due to environmental pollutants. If secondhand cigarette smoke is annoying, say so. If an industrial plant in the area is polluting, contact the EPA for solutions.

Allergies, including seasonal allergies or hayfever
Bacterial infections
Chemical irritants (such as chlorine in a swimming pool or makeup)
Conjunctivitis or pink eye
Dry eyes
Irritants in the air (cigarette smoke or smog)
Home Care
Apply cool compresses to soothe itching.

If the eyelids have crusts, gently soften them with warm compresses. Gently washing the eyelids with baby shampoo on a cotton applicator can help remove crusts.

Artificial tears used 4 – 6 times a day can also relieve symptoms. Avoid over-the-counter eye drops other than artificial tears because they will eventually make symptoms worse.

Itching and burning due to allergy or chemicals can be very uncomfortable. Attempt to determine the cause of the allergy, such as a pet, seasonal pollen, or irritating cosmetics.

Refrigerated artificial tears can be very soothing. Antihistamine drops, available from your health care provider, can be helpful.

Pink eye or viral conjunctivitis causes a red or bloodshot eye and excessive tearing. If you suspect pink eye, remember to wash your hands often, and avoid touching the unaffected eye. The infection will run its course in about 10 days.

Bacterial conjunctivitis is not common, but if you have eye discharge that is white, yellow, or greenish, contact your health care provider.

When to Contact a Medical Professional
Contact your health care provider if:

The discharge is thick, greenish, or resembles pus
You have excessive eye pain or sensitivity to light
Your vision is decreased
What to Expect at Your Office Visit
Your health care provider will get a medical history and will perform a physical examination.

Medical history questions may include:

What does the eye drainage look like?
Is it thick?
Is it yellow?
Does it look like pus?
Is it green?
Is it bloody?
Is it clear?
Other questions
What other symptoms do you have?
Do you have decreased vision?
Do you have eye pain?
Do you have light sensitivity (photophobia)?
The physical examination may include a check of your:

Eye motion
Reaction of your pupils to light

Your health care provider may prescribe antihistamines in the form of eye drops or ointments. Bacterial conjunctivitis will be treated with antibiotic eye drops. Cortisone-like eye ointments are usually avoided, because they can cause long-term problems.

After seeing your health care provider:

If your symptoms do not improve or they worsen in 1-2 weeks, contact your health care professional. You might need additional treatments.

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