Seeing Colors After Cataract Surgery Recovery

Going under the knife is a terrifying experience even if it is just a minor outpatient procedure. With the daunting prospect, one is comforted with the knowledge that a cataract surgery is not only easy and safe; one can also look forward to a brief and uncomplicated cataract surgery recovery. The cataract surgery procedure itself takes about only ten minutes but can possibly extend thirty-minutes as the patient needs to wait for the sedatives and anesthesia to lose effect.

Despite the entire procedure being brief (easy and usually uneventful), it will still be best if the patient have someone for a companion on the way home. In order to shield the traumatized eyes from infections and other risks, it is vital to wear a pair of sunglasses; this could avoid further complications. Sleeping and resting the eye should be practiced. The eye shield that protects the eye can be allowed to be used for a while but must be removed eventually. If complications will not set in, the cataract surgery recovery is expected to be brief and uneventful.

The tension and worrying about the entire thing can be ditched soon enough. Post op nerves must be calmed as the worst part is over though one must still be wary of things taking a bad turn in the recovery stage. The trauma of the blood vessels in the sclera or the white part of the eye will lead to the reddening of the eyes, but will soon go with medications and recovery process. Blurred vision is always something that can be normally expected after an eye undergoes cataract surgery. Do not also be alarmed if on top of cloudiness, there will be distortion of some images; the eyes are still adapting to the loss of the cataract as well as the presence of a new intraocular or artificial lens in the place of the old one.

Factoring all nuances, the recovery time may vary from patient to patient. Post operation complications are the real culprits for unsuccessful cases and must be watched out for by the patient since it can directly lead to blindness. Otherwise, what is there to do but sit back, let go as you wait up with all eagerness for the dawning of another day with all the its color and grandeur.

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